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How to be a vegan for a month - a quick collage of 31 daily meals!

31 vegan meals!

Vegans. They can't eat dairy, they can't eat meat, then what on earth do they do?! Cyrus Javan, a fan of the Vegan Facebook page shared an album and my, my, does his diet look gourmet, and 100% vegan I might add. Living 31 days animal-free is totally possible on a plant-based diet.

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His breakfasts were mouthwatering, glancing over his pictures in the morning will make any omnivore extremely hungry. From the simple organic bananas & plantains to the classic English breakfast, minus the bacon & eggs of course, substituted with avocado and mushrooms on toast. Other breakfast items included half a sprouted wheat bagel with flax seed oil and mixed fruit, dried white mulberries, and goji berries. He even took pictures of the acai bowl he had for breakfast while enjoying his vacation on Oahu. Cyrus made ingredients usually not thought of as breakfast items look totally palletable, such as red & white quinoa with dried wild blueberries.

The exotic dishes drummed up the imagination, bringing the meals of worldwide cultures to the dinner table. Homemade Dal Kootu,  Dolmeh Felfel, Adas Polo (Lentil Rice) with dates, currants and cinnamon. The Vegetable Korma and Khoresht Bademjan (Persian Eggplant Stew) look spicy!
The salads were again gourmet and often made with staples such as quinoa, beans, or corn, which means they could be eaten by themselves or on the side of a larger meal. The ingredients simple and few, making it look so easy to just throw together a salad. His quinoa salad looked intriguing, which contains both red & white quinoa to bring out the flavors in both grains. Fire roasted corn, black beans, cilantro and fresh avocado, and a personal favorite, the Greek Moroccan couscous salad, far from ordinary, with Lima beans instead of feta. Others included a plate of Persian cucumbers, currants and flax seed oil and a bok choy & almond salad.
His tempeh Reuben holds nine candles to any Jewish deli.
Often, cyrus would upload images from local restaurants he went to, proving that eating vegan is no longer a problem in the 21st century. Sushi from a local Japanese restaurants can most certainly be vegan and Thai restaurant always have vegan options, validated by the grilled vegetable satay he ordered.
Here are all the meals, there are plenty more on Cyrus' Facebook page. Check them out!