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Gary Yourofsky: All the products you like to eat, in a vegan version!

Vegan alternative to Turkey

The following is a linked and formatted transcript of Gary Yourofsky's viral speech on veganism:

Here's the coolest thing about being vegan in this day in age:

It's never been easier!

You can have the same smell, taste and texture of meat, cheese and milk, without it! Nobody has to suffer and die for your dinner anymore, including you. They make all the products you like to eat, in a vegan version.
They make it from soy and wheat and rice and hemp, I want to show you some of the products that are out there, and I am not receiving compensation from these companies:

The best tasting mock meats

Do you like bacon?
Lightlife bacon strips taste like real bacon but are made from soy.
This company, Lightlife, also makes smoky tempeh bacon.
Tempeh is a fermented version of soy, so it tastes a little different than the other stuff, but keep in mind, I would not recommend products to you if they didn't taste fantastic.
I am trying to win you over, so you go veg.
I'm not showing you every product we have, some of our products suck!
I'm showing you the best of the best.
And when I say some of our products suck, don't act like there aren't bad Chinese restaurants, nasty pizza places, and disgusting hamburger joints, okay?
It works both ways. If it's made great, no matter what it is, it tastes great, if not, it's going to stink. Lightlife also has soy chicken strips and steak strips, as well.

Vegan Deli Meats

They also have a full line of deli meats: turkey, balogna and ham. You can not tell the difference by sight, taste or texture.
A small company called Melissa's has Soyrizo, vegan chorizo. Energy bars! Like Cliff Bars, Luna bars,"and a new bar, that just came out called Pro Bar, you might not have seen that one, yet.
They're all vegan! And many other companies have a vegan energy bar, as well. Now, remember, when you go veg, you don't give up anything.
You've got the vegan version of stuff, or eat things that are truly natural, like fruits and vegetables or beans and lentils.


You like turkey? We've got you covered... My favorite product? Tofurky! Tofu turkey!
Stuffing on the inside! Looks, smells and tastes like turkey, you've got to slice it with a knife, but guess what? No turkey had to suffer and die for this!
Tofurky also has Tofurky slices, six different flavors of Tofurky slices. Tofurky also has Tempe strips. Remember I talked about the faking bacon, the Lightlife Tempeh? They have some tempeh products, too.
Tofurky also has Italian sausage, beer brats, and... there seems to be an addiction in our society for beef jerky? I don't know what the hell is going on with everybody's taste buds, everybody has lost their minds... But, we've got you covered...Tofurky jerky!

Other Vegan Meats

Anything you're looking for, we've got that stuff veganized. And many other companies have a vegan jerky, as well.
The absolute best company on the market right now, is It's All Good Gardein Protein.
Gardein Chicken Dish
They have chicken dishes, they have steak dishes, and they just came out a few months ago with Buffalo wings, as well.
Trader Joe's, the grocery chain, they want to compete now in the soy meat industry. They made their own brand of soy chicken and soy steak strips.
There's a company called Vegetarian Plus, and they have vegan, citrus spareribs. And Gardenburger has had Riblets, mock ribs, for over ten years.
I can't tell you how many of my meat eating friends and family members I've flat out fooled with this stuff! And this company also has shrimp, kung pao chicken, orange chicken and tuna rolls, as well.
Now I mentioned wheat meat earlier, I don't think people really understand what it is, there's actually a name for it, it's called seitan.
Not satan, SAY'tan. And you want to give this stuff a try, too. And they now have flavored seitan on the market too, by Upton's:
Ground beef style, chorizo style, they also have an Italian sausage flavor, as well. Another favorite company... Nate's Meatless Meatballs!

Vegan Burgers

Now, I know you guys have seen veggie burgers before, probably Boca. But, if you don't like Boca... Good news:
There's Amy's, Morningstar Farms, Dr. Praeger's, Sunshine burgers and Gardenburger, all the different tastes and textures.
And if you're looking for no soy, a different kind of mock meat in you diet, there is a new company called Bahama. Rice burgers, burgers from rice. They also have sausage and meat balls made out of rice, as well.
Another company with a no soy, different kind of mock meat taste is a small company from Cincinnati, called Five Star Foodies, has artichoke burgers, my new favorite kind of veggie burger by far. Burgers from artichokes! They also have a harvest roast! It says 'vegetarian' but it is vegan. It's a fake turkey with fake skin around it.

Vegan vs. Vegetarian and Amy's

Now, Amy's is on the market, and I know you've seen her stuff. She's got a ton of stuff, but keep in mind, most of her stuff is only vegetarian.
It still has eggs and cheese, and other animal by-products in there. But, one of her vegan products, tofu scramblers uses fake eggs!

Amy's vegan hot pockets

They have hot pockets, that actually taste good and are good for you too!

Vegan Cheese

Amy's also has rice macaroni with Daiya cheese! A brand new vegan cheese on the market, Daiya cheese, which you can find at Whole Foods, right now. It comes in two different flavors.
A lot of people are going crazy for the Daiya cheese. I still like Follow Your Heart, which has four different flavors of vegan cheese, comes in a big block and it melts.
Now, sometimes you've got to be creative with this stuff.
Lightlife also has vegan pepperoni which is ready to eat directly out of the bag.
If you get some of this vegan pepperoni, buy yourself a Tofutti Pan Pizza with Tofutti soy cheese on it -
Tofutti also has cream cheese, sour cream and ice cream as well - before it goes in the oven or after it comes out of the oven, slaps some pepperoni on there and you got yourself a pizza.

Vegan Milk

Remember there is soy milk and rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, oat milk, hazelnuts milk. Seven vegan milks on the market.
There is soy ice cream, rice ice cream, almond ice cream and coconut milk ice cream, an ice cream bars by So Delicious.
And let me just say this, you have never in your life had ice cream till you had the coconut milk ice cream by So Delicious.
If you go to my website and click on 'Veg Shopping Guide', I have taste-tested everything for you in advance. Check out the brand names I recommend. I can assure you I eat nothing nasty.

Ethnic Vegan Foods

What about Ethnic food, Indian food, Middle-eastern food, Mexican food?
Plenty of veggie options there. Italian food, pasta and spaghetti. And a real pasta, a real spaghetti, just like bread, never requires animal products.
Now unfortunately, we defiled these products - so you always have to ask or check out the ingredient list.
But every Italian joint has at least one, if not two or three of the genuine noodles, which are always vegan.
And when it comes to best bread around - Whole Foods or Panera Bread, Breugger's Bagels, Einstein Bagels - 90% of those breads and bagels are always vegan.
Our Asian food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Thai food, Korean food, Vietnamese food, all you have to do is substitute tofu for the meat in any of their dishes, tell them to make it without fish sauce and you have a vegan meal.
And soul food can be veganized as well. In fact, you guys are pretty lucky to be in Atlanta.
You have two soul food restaurants owned by the same company - Soul Vegetarian - 10 minutes from campus.
Vegan Mac 'n Cheese, collard greens, yams.
They have something called a "Kale Bone" sandwich, which is a fake roast beef sandwich with cheese dripping off of it, too.
You have to check out Soul Vegetarian!