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High Profile Athletes Going Vegan to Improve Performance

Vegan Athletes

The vegan diet has been gaining more mainstream credibility as of late and some of the people leading the boost in popularity are high profile athletes. One of the most visible athletes who've switched to plant-based vegan diet is Venus Williams, who just won Olympic gold in London with her sister in doubles tennis. Another high profile athlete who's been vegan for some time now is Rich Roll, an ultrarunner.


So many successful athletes who are already vegan or are going vegan is a testament to the fact that you can get all of the nutrients and protein you need from a vegan diet while still being physically active and strong. Books such as Brendan Brazier's Thrive help athletes and non-athletes alike find foods that are nourishing for the body and also help build strength. 


With the popularity and success of athletes who've gone vegan recently, it's no surprise that many althetes who are looking to improve their performance are coming to the vegan diet and lifestyle. One such athlete out to replicate the success of so many before him is Matt Watson, a minor-league soccer player for the Vancouver Whitecaps. 


Matt's ultimate goal is to play in the MLS, however, he's been plagued by injuries and has felt his performance suffer over the last few years. At the age of 27, Matt has decided that improving his diet through veganism is the best way to gain a competitive edge to get into the MLS and to stay at the top of his game without injury.  Watson has seen countless other athletes go vegan and improve their performance and health, so he figured he had nothing to lose.


It's great to see so many high profile athletes going vegan because it sets a positive example for young athletes as well as people who have doubted that vegans could get enough protein or energy from their diets. What high profile vegan do you look up to the most?


Photo Credit: Jamie Sabau , Getty Images