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Cat [Woman] Eats Veggies Too!

Anne Hathaway Catwoman Vegan

Anne Hathaway, who is playing Catwoman in the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, is now following a plant-based vegan diet. While Hathaway has been a long-time vegetarian, she made the switch to a completely plant-based diet because she said it improved her skin and figure. As an actress, both of those things are important for her career, but eating a plant-based diet is more than just about looks, it will improve her overall health and well-being as well.

When asked about what she eats, Hathaway stated that she doesn’t do faux meats made from soy and other processed products, but sticks closely to plant and whole-foods heavy diet. Some of her favorite vegan staples include kale (“It’s amazing!”) and spelt pasta. A lot of spelt pasta.

Though Hathaway adopted a vegan diet originally to get in shape for her role as Catwoman, once filming wrapped she decided to stick with it because it was a great way to make sure she didn’t overindulge in foods that made her feel ill, such as dairy.

Hathaway is also set to be married in the near future and we’re hoping she’ll include lots of vegan options on her menu for her and her guests to enjoy, maybe she should check out the Spunky Coconut.Though she didn’t go vegan for the animals, it’s great to hear about more and more celebrities adopting a more compassionate lifestyle.

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