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The China Study: the Eastern diet plan for a healthy West

The China Study diet plan vegan

The China Study is a must-read book – not just for vegans or vegetarians, but for anyone who’s ever been concerned about their health or wellness. The China Study was researched and written by Dr. Colin Campbell, who conducted this study over 27 years via education and research grants. In The China Study, Campbell elaborates on the findings of his research and also gives insight into the inner workings of the medical and factory farming industries. Campbell also takes some time in the book to discuss the China Study diet and what you should be eating to better your health.

The China Study Criticism

While most people who read The China Study come away from it with a new way of looking at the food they are putting in their bodies and ready to change their own eating patterns, some criticism of the book has come out (as it does with any controversial study).

Most of the criticism of his book comes from those in the dairy and meat industries, but some has come from those who are concerned with numbers and statistical significance. The biggest China Study criticism is that many of the conclusions that Campbell draws are based on numbers that are not necessarily statistically significant. However, Campbell has responded to the claims and states that they are as significant as can be based on the type of epidemiological study done.

China Study Diet Plan

While the book does not contain any specific China Study recipes , it does discuss what a whole foods, plant-based diet should look like. Since the main theme of this book is that most nutritional studies available to us or that are highlighted in the media are poorly constructed because of ‘scientific reductionism’. Therefore, the actual details of the diet you should follow are not as prominent within the book. However, we can determine a few things that the China Study diet would include: leafy greens, beans, whole grains, ancient grains (such as quinoa), legumes, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Dr. Colin Campbell’s China Study is one of the most informative and thorough pieces of research on why people should adopt whole food, plant-based diets. While his China diet study has come under some criticism, overall it provides great in-depth findings from his study that accurately displays the benefits of a plant-based vegan diet. If you are looking for a straightforward look at how what we eat affects our health, then you should pick up a copy of The China Study now.