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Tips for Vegan Dating

Vegan Dating

When you become vegan you'll face challenges that run the gamut of eating out to whether or not you should get rid of your leather belts. While books like Becoming Vegan can help you through some of those situations, one thing people rarely write or talk about is vegan dating. Some vegans do not have a problem dating omnivores or vegetarians, but some vegans find it much easier to date a fellow vegan - not only for the convenience of eating, but also because they will likely agree on more moral and ethical issues.

However, finding other vegans to date can be a bit tricky. With only 2.5% of the country being vegan it can be tough to find other vegans in your area, especially if you live in a rural area. Here are some tips for navigating the vegan dating field. 

  • Check for vegan and vegetarian meetups in your area on That have tons of vegan-only meetup groups across the world that can connect you with likeminded people. Chances are there is one in your area and you'll likely be introduced to some people who you'd like to ask out on a date.
  • Be upfront about your veganism when you meet new people you are interested in. Who knows, they may be vegan to or your resolve to veganism might encourage them to become vegan as well. 
  • Decide how much it matters to you personally if the person is vegan or not. You should always do what is right for you, but if you meet someone whom you really connect with you should determine if being a non-vegan is a dealbreaker upfront.
  • Remember, just because their vegan doesn't mean you have to like them. Sometimes other connections are missing and you aren't obligated to continue to date someone simply because they share your same lifestyle.
  • If you are set on dating a vegan, try frequenting vegan restaurants or coffee shops in your area. You'll meets loads of people who share your lifestyle and even if you don't get a date out of it, you will have made your circle of friends that much bigger.

If you have trouble finding a fellow vegan that you want to pursue a relationship with, remember that with more and more athletes and celebrities are becoming vegan each day (even a former President!), the idea of veganism will gain popularity and it's likely that the number of people you have to choose from in the dating pool will continue to grow.