TOP 10 Vegan Bentogrammers!

Vegan Bento Box INstagrammers

NUMBER 10 - @Cotokimiki 

Japan resident, Cotokimiki, is an ethical vegan who regularly posts delicious looking food. This particular bento features wholesome foods such as, rice, tomato, and zucchini. Her teriyaki dish is actually leftovers, proving food doesn’t have to be made right before eating to look attractive. The beauty lies in its simplicity, everything in the bento is homemade.


Mixed grain rice, yuzu flavored teriyaki veggies, daikon tossed with red shiso flakes, garlic-basil potatoes.  Teriyaki; eringi mushrooms, zucchini, fried tofu, mirin, soy sauce, yuzu-kosho / yuzu cutron and green chili pepper paste, sesame seeds. Daikon; daikon radish, umeboshi plum, red shiso flakes. Potato; potatoes, basil salt, garlic powder, pepper. #vegan #ethicalvegan #japanesevegan #veganinjapan #whatveganseat #animalrights #earthlings #vegansofig #veganlife #crueltyfreelifestyle #vegancooking #veganlunch #bento #veganbento

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NUMBER 9 - @Ceselja

French citizen, Ceselja, shares photos from her daily life and occasionally her bento meals. Her lunches are fittingly packed in France’s most well-known brand of bento box, the Monbento. This particular box is filled with fresh Quinoa salad, and cookies for dessert.


?(FR) Laitue, maïs, cup de vinaigrette à l'érable, clémentine et sablés / Quinoa, brocoli, patate douce et haricots rouges ?(EN) Lettuce, corn, maple vinaigrette sauce cup, clementine and cookies / Quinoa, broccoli, sweet potato and kidney beans #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare #whatveganseat #vegansofig #plantbasedfood #bento #monbento #lunchbox #veganbento #veganlunch #healthy #eathealthy #healthyfood

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NUMBER 8 - @Mina.koh

Mina.koh is a Korean speaking vegan foodie who shares their beautiful vegan bento meals. This particular one also features many wholesome foods such as, brown rice and sauteed lotus root. With everything packed into a wooden box, you can tell this bentoist takes their food very seriously.


Brown rice, lotus roots sauté, simmered tofu pulp w cubed veg, boiled mustard leaf w sweet soy sauce, miso soup, fruits salad

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NUMBER 7 - @Chie Suzuki

Chie Suzuki, another Japanese resident, likes to share pictures of her daily life and sometimes that includes photos of her lunch. Here, her lunch features burdock, tofu teriyaki and rice. She’s employed several cooking methods in this lunch, like marinating and frying, to give different textures and flavors to her food.


#今日のお弁当 #きんぴらごぼう #ネギときのこのマリネ #厚揚げの照り焼き #芋きんちゃく 今日は玄米炊くのが面倒で白米です。 朝の青汁とお昼の菜食弁当と夜の納豆を続けるようになってから早5ヶ月、前よりお肌の調子や体調が良くなった気がする(^O^) これからもできる範囲で続けたいなぁ〜 #todayslunch #lunchbox #bento #vegan #veganbento #菜食 #お弁当

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NUMBER 6 - @Jan

This bento, shared by Jan, is from GoVegan Deli, a raw vegan restaurant in Australia. They used plenty of color to make this bento stand out and beckon to their patrons. The flower, cracker, and tortilla wrap inside provide a fair amount of contrast for the eye to wander and take everything in.


Raw Bento box from @govegandeli today for lunch yumminess ? #vscocam #healthyeating #rawfood #rawbento

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NUMBER 5 - @Huang Yu Ling

Huang Yu Ling, a vegan food artist, shares delicious and wholesome food on her Instagram. She doesn’t share bento photos often, but when she does, they’re of this caliber. She’s made cute panda shaped onigiri, which the tofu, edamame and cashews pop out against.


Good Morning and Happy Sunday ? ? ?

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NUMBER 4 - @Cute Lunch Clu

Cute Lunch Club has a lot of fun with character style bento! The rice is detailed with a vegan cheese. With the precision that this entire meal looks like it’s been made with, even the untrained eye can tell a lot of love went into this bento. This bento artist loves to make use of tools. They used a shaper for the onigiri, and special cutters for the cheese.


Yay! I made a quick Love Cats Lunch! The rice is colored and flavored with some pickled plum juice and even has one tucked inside--I love the tart flavors! The cats and heart decorations are cut of vegan cheese; I'm trying out the Chao brand and so far they are very tasty! Little details are from chia seeds, spinach, and curry ketchup. I made the heart rice ball from a regular triangle onigiri but pushed my finger like a bar to help it form a heart. Tomatoes and black bean chipotle hummus for dipping snuggle up above some veggie protein (from a burger patty) that's being hugged by spinach. For dessert I have a strawberry dipped in chocolate which is being kept apart from some cute pink foil I had from Daiso. I love this so much I wish it was lunch time already! #vegan #bento #veganbento #cutelunchclub #clc #cats #lovecats #valentine #love #heart #hearts #spinach #burger #rice #plum #pickledplum #ume #umeboshi #tomatoes #grapetomatoes #hummus #strawberry #dessert #vegetarian #veg #cheese #cheez #chao #yum

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NUMBER 3 - @VeganBentos

Another vegan themed bento Instagrammer, London based VeganBentos regularly posts wholesome and filling bento. In this meal, the onigiri and radish pop out to the eye, contrasted severely by the rest of the tasty vegetables. VeganBentos points out that they are most excited for the rice ball and the lotus root that is peeking out behind them.


? Roasted miso vegetables Onigiri Spinach and dried lotus root ???

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NUMBER 2 - @Tokyopony

Tokyopony is from the UK and loves anything to do with Japan and veganism. She posts mostly photos of food. She’s made a bento featuring leftovers, creatively turning her somen into a form of inari! The fresh produce makes this bento look fresh and lively!


My bento lunch #弁当 With left overs from last nights somen salad I made somen inari . 稲荷そうめん #vegan #veganfood #veganjapan #veganjapanese #veganbento #bento #japan #japanese #japanesefood #japanesestyle #japanesevegan #japaninspired #japaneseingredients #somen #そうめん #plantbaseddiet #allaboutveganfood #whatveganseat

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NUMBER 1 - @GoVeganDeli

GoVeganDeli gets featured again for more of their incredibly fresh bento. The pseudo separation of all the fresh food, divided into clusters based on colors helps these bento to look beautiful and the veggie rolls help to provide a good contrast.


Look out for #govegandeli in summer edition of #noosastyle. Our food for our vegan people ??#rawvegan #rawbento #veganbento #vegan

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It’s not hard to pack a vegan lunch that your coworkers and friends will be jealous of! Next time you have to go into the office again or your friends suggest a picnic, bringing bento just might be the way to ensure you enjoy a scrumptious meal.